Czech Secret Service Closing In


Orwell's Law

An amendment regarding the Czech Military Intelligence is currently being discussed in the Chamber of Deputies.

If it receives a pass, the current wording of this amendment will allow the Czech Military Intelligence to intercept the entire Czech Internet. Furthermore, the secret service will be able to modify and even block the traffic.

The Service will have access to online information flow, i.e. our e-mail conversations, visited sites, watched videos, online behaviour on social networks, etc.

Such legal access, that will be granted by this amendment, will mean that even encrypting all communications will not be secure any more.

What are the dangers?

  • State-scale wiretapping
  • Unprecedent violation of basic civil rights
  • There is no feasible explanation how exactly this will help the cyberdefense
  • It's so vaguely defined that there are no restrictions or definitions
  • It might negatively impact quality of provided Internet services
  • There is no definition of what will be monitored and how long will the data be preserved
  • There is no explanation why it is the Military Intelligence that has been chosen to defend the Czech cyberspace

Announcement at 33c3


We, signed below this document,

  • are aware that it is necessary to address national defense abilities in the field of cyber security,
  • however, at the same time, we have to watch out for preservation of basic human rights and freedoms.
  • We are seriously concerned about the current wording of the proposed amendment which makes acts that are associated with it vulnerable to abuse. In order to resolve this issue we are calling for a debate to be held at the Parliament of the Czech Republic. It is neccessary to change the wording of the amendment or to postpone the official debate on passing it until re-wording and changes are made to it. These changes should aim at:
    • introducing well-defined (continuous) inspection mechanisms that would check the secret service cyberspace monitoring activities,
    • limiting government authority to approve the deployment of technical resources for cyber defense, only for the duration of specific emergency situations (state of war, state of emergency and others),
    • defining various degrees of deployed technical resources based on the degree of threat to the state,
    • and detailing various Internet Service Provider responsibilities in terms of their cooperation with regard to either monitoring or active defense.

The goal of the debate is to change the concerned amendments in order to create new and modern standards for national cyberspace defence, while protecting privacy and complying with the Czech Republic Constitution and basic human rights and freedoms.

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